This Must Be What Heaven Looks Like

Happy Thursday! I don’t mean to brag but…I’m definitely going to brag. I feel like it isn’t a true vacation without a little bragging here and there, right?

Today was a PERFECT day here. What we thought would be another rainy day turned out to be full of sunshine and beautiful blue skies. Besides an ever so lovely bout of nausea from me in the morning, (nothing says “good morning!” quite like some good old-fashioned vomit)(too much information? oh well; my blog, my rules!), there was nothing but smiles from the whole lot of us.

We first ate breakfast and then headed directly to the beach, because what’s a hot summer day in Croatia without a trip to the sea? The waves were quite intense when we first got there – which Grandpa quickly learned after nearly being washed away. But as always, he was a trooper and got right back up!

My pale skin (honestly-how do my uncles and dad get so tan?!) was overjoyed to be underneath the hot sun. Apparently I have freckles, too!!!!

We walked past loads of dogs during our walk and of course it made me miss my puppies. So Eric, if you happen to be reading this, please go and give the dogs a nice big hug for me (maybe even give Milli a treat or two because she’s still my favorite, shhh).

Dinner took place at the Taj Mahal restaurant with ‘Bosnian Cuisine’ and I had a delectable vegetable skewer. My tastebuds are going crazy just thinking about it. And what would a meal be without some dessert? We stopped for some more ice cream-surprisingly enough-and I had caramel. Mmmmm.

While looking out the window in our room to such a gorgeous view, my mom said “This must be what Heaven looks like.” Yeah, I agree.

The Arrival

Greetings from Croatia! After what seemed like ages in airports and airplanes, we finally arrived in Dubrovnik about seven hours ago. Though the pelting rain and intimidating thunder tried to put a DAMPer (apparently I can still make awful puns while running on 4 hours of sleep), we were still happy as ever to hop in the vans and make our way into the heart of Dubrovnik.

The apartments that will be our temporary homes for the next four nights are so quaint and cozy, with pretty floral curtains and sheets, pastel blue bed frames and a window that shows off the charming orange tiled roofs and Mount Srd looming above.

After waiting an hour or so (it may have been longer; time has been dragging and twisting and I feel like a zombie at the moment), we walked through a few alleyways until we arrived at The Orhan where we ate our first meal, mostly consisting of pasta and mixed meat dishes, accompanied with Coca-Colas and Pivo and a cup of tea for me!

The rain let up just in time for us to wander along the streets in Old Town, stopping for ice cream and souvenir shops and pictures with the beautiful buildings. It was a long day and I have never been more excited to hop into bed. You know that saying “sleep like a rock”? Yeah, well I’m going to sleep like the worlds biggest rock tonight. Goodnight from all of us here!



Flying Into Dubrovnik

Flying Into Dubrovnik

Almost There!

We Made It

Hello Everyone!

Ahh. My first ever blog post. I feel as if I should mark this down in a calendar so I can look back on it in a few years (although by then I’ll probably be too embarrassed to reminisce). After many agonizingly long months of anticipation, in 24 hours I, along with 13 of my family members, will be boarding a plane headed for Croatia. This will be my second time visiting Croatia and I can’t wait to walk along the cobblestone streets again with the music pouring out of the cafes and a cup of gelato in my hands. Bliss.

I hope to post here daily, but I’ve been known to be a bit lazy sometimes so don’t hold me to that! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for what’s next. Have a wonderful day!