It’s That Time Of The Year Again


Summer has come to an end and I am back at school, but perhaps most importantly, I have quite possibly the world’s cutest dorm room (in my humble opinion, that is). I invited you to take a peak into the tiny yet cozy space I’ll be inhabiting for the next nine months!



Yes, that is most definitely a pillow pet. I’m an adult, right? Right?



There’s something incredibly calming about fairy lights…I imagine they give the same effect as a night light does, bridging the gap between pure darkness and light. Except in my case, it’s not so much the dark that I’m afraid of this time (homework, responsibility, adulthood, running into someone in the bathroom when I wake up at 4 in the morning to pee, etc, etc…).

Or maybe it’s simply because they’re called fairy lights. I suppose that’s a good enough reason to keep calm.


Come on, you didn’t think it’d be my room without some sort of One Direction paraphernalia, did you?


Is this not the cutest jewelry holder you’ve ever seen?! I snagged this from the Farmers Market this summer for only $10!!! (If you’re reading this, thanks, Patty!)

P.S. please note the bag of chocolate covered espresso beans. I’d love to say that these are solely for when I’m up late at night beep-boppin away at my homework, but let’s be real–ya girl just really loves chocolate.


I’m looking forward to this year, and hopefully I’ll be seeing a lot of you on this virtual space in the time to come!