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Since we’re nearing the end of this school year, my bank account is dwindling very quickly. So what do I do when I have no money to spend? Online shop, naturally. AKA, put a ridiculous amount of items in my cart, look at the total, remember I’m broke, sigh deeply, and close out of the tab. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m a big Etsy lover, and whenever I’m in the mood for something unique and fun, I always head there to see what I can drool over. I have had a positive experience with my Etsy purchases in the past, so allow me to share my favorites with you!

1. Amordress

I bought a dress from this shop last spring, and I love it! There are pages upon pages of cute dresses, bags, and jewelry-and they’re all relatively inexpensive. It ships from Thailand, but the shipping is quick and reliable. Plus, this dress is absolutely darling.

10612817_10154563144175055_7598731151768255975_n tumblr_nazi2j7NC91rk8ymfo1_500

 2. Soapwalla Kitchen

I have only bought the deodorant cream from Soapwalla before, but they have so many different products to suit different needs. The best part? They’re all organic and cruelty free!

il_570xN.189545740 il_570xN.233619378 il_570xN.242125968 - Copy

3. PetitPlat

 I haven’t gotten around to actually purchasing anything from this shop yet, but about 90% of my favorited items are all from here! They are such cute, delicate, quirky pieces of jewelry. There’s just something about miniature fruit that sucks me in.


Feel free to share your favorite Etsy shops with me-the more the merrier!

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