Spring Is Near!


 Whenever someone has asked what my favorite season is, my response has always been “fall” and I’ve only recently realized that I’m a liar. I have been lying for nearly 21 years about what my favorite season is. And I didn’t even know it!

There’s just something about spring that lifts my spirits. Perhaps it’s the distinct smell, the sun peeking out more and more, the sound of birds chirping again, or the simple fact that everything is coming back to life. It’s beautiful.

After months of bitter cold and snow, it’s a miracle when the temperatures start rising to 30 and 40 degrees. I love being able to go outside in just a light sweatshirt. I love seeing the trees grow their leaves again. I love the slight breeze. I love the melting snow. But most of all, I love how happy I am when it’s springtime. It’s almost as if I come back to life, too.

Here are some songs on my spring playlist:

Bloom-The Paper Kites

Shine On-The Kooks

Hero-Family of the Year

Into the Wild-Lewis Watson


What’s your favorite part about spring? What are you looking forward to in these next few months?

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